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Charging station design company

Charging station design company: technology and innovation characterize Pradella Sistemi. Born in 2015 as a startup, today it operates both in the Italian and foreign markets in the field of IoT innovation for public administration and companies.

The history of Pradella Sistemi
Pradella Sistemi designs, builds and takes care of the control and maintenance of digital islands designed to offer many useful services with high social impact for public administration, communities and companies.

Founded in 2015 as an innovative startup in the business incubator of the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce, Pradella Sistemi creates interactive columns and benches that integrate recharge points for light electric vehicles, charging points for small electronic devices and defibrillators with high quality standards.

Pradella Sistemi products, also powered by renewable energy such as photovoltaic and wind power, are able to support integration with any technology needing recharging. The charging systems are safe and protected from external attacks as they are free from Wi-Fi connection. Pradella Sistemi also takes care of maintenance thanks to a remote-control system that has now been tested for years.

The company's numbers continue to grow: it has more than 10,000 recharging sockets, over three thousand recharging points for electric mobility, at least 600 installations in Italy and increasingly more and more also abroad.

In recent years, Pradella Sistemi has established innovative partnerships with prestigious consortia and institutions, including the E015 digital ecosystem and Cassa depositi e prestiti.
  • 2018

    Smart City Projects| The Digital Islands are born with Panka, the smart bench
  • 2019

    Internationalization| Development of foreign markets and new technologies in the IoT and AI fields
  • 2020

    Health and Safety | Pila Health with integrated thermoscanner for access control
  • 2021

    Renewable sources| Integrating our products with systems for the production of renewable energy, from solar to wind
  • 2022

    New headquarters and diffusion of the Pila B-Rail| Expansion of the warehouse (1400 m2) and new offices in Cene. Numerous installations of the new PILA B-Rail for municipal administrations
  • 2023

    Associations of value| Membership of Confindustria Bergamo, the Intellimech innovative consortium and SMAU.
  • 2015

    Pradella Sistemi is born | Design and construction of PILA
  • 2016

    Innovative Startup| Recognition from the Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo thanks to the TecaTech patent
  • 2017

    Lightweight electric mobility | Development of PILA for soft and sustainable electric mobility
Innovative collaborations
Today Pradella Sistemi can carry on and renew its projects for smart cities and smart lands thanks to a network of consolidated partners, primarily suppliers who have been working with us for some time and who use industry 4.0 to guarantee a direct, innovative and efficient relationship.

The company is part of the E015 digital ecosystem of the Lombardy Region which favors the creation of relationships between various subjects, public and private, in order to enhance or share one's digital heritage. This has allowed us over time to become a reliable supplier for public administration even in the active phase of environmental data collection.

In 2023, moreover, Pradella Sistemi was the subject of a loan from Cassa depositi e prestiti, a state financial institution that aims to economically promote the development of the Country System, in particular of industry 4.0 and start-ups.
Also in 2023, Pradella Sistemi became part of the prestigious Intellimech Consortium and Smau. Intellimech is an intelligent consortium recognized in the region that brings together companies in a network of knowledge, cooperation, constructive comparison, exchange of ideas and strategies, and builds for its members an innovation chain in the mechatronics field. SMAU is instead a meeting and discussion platform that involves the entire national and international innovation ecosystem, configuring itself as an innovation hub: from corporates that have innovation needs, to startups that offer products or services that satisfy these needs, from national and international enablers who support companies on these issues up to public administrations. Proud and convinced of the potential of these collaborations, we invest in an innovative future.
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Our staff
  • Furio Pradella

    CEO - Research & Development
  • Sara Piccinini

    Administration and orders
  • Jessica Adobati

  • Marco Donadoni

    Production manager
  • Lorenzo Coppola

    Installation and maintenance manager
  • Lorena Scagliotti

  • Sirio Pradella

    Installation and maintenance
  • Diego Bassis

    Technical office
  • Matteo Coffetti

  • Matteo Levratto

    Procedure manager
  • Ciro Pradella

  • Dario Milazzo

  • Gianluca Faccioli

    Production manager
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