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The Pila 2.04 Plus is an indoor charging point and has the characteristic column shape.

Pila 2.04 Plus charging column

Pila 2.04 Plus charging column with option of AED version with integrated defibrillator.

It is ideal for ground or stand-alone installation with the addition of an anti-tilt base. It is particularly suitable in shopping centres, airports, ports, etc. The graphic layout and colors can be customized by the customer according to their needs.
This model is equipped with:
  • Integrated remote control system with personalized dashboard made available to the customer, to monitor their installations.
  • 8 USB ports, 4 of which with Quick Charge 3.0 technology and 4 with Type C connection (65W) for fast charging.
  • The 2.04 PLUS AED version also features the Tecatech, a special case for the integrated defibrillator. This patented case is ventilated, heated and protects the defibrillator from dust, atmospheric agents and humidity. Thanks to the patented tear-off opening system, the life-saving device contained in the display case is easily accessible in case of need.
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