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Technology design company for smart cities

Technology design company for smart cities and smart lands: Pradella Sistemi deals with development projects to rethink urban spaces on a citizen-friendly basis and adheres to the E015 digital ecosystem promoted by the Lombardy Region.

Smart technologies
More and more people dream of human-friendly cities, technologically advanced and at the same time conscious to the environment and personal health. Pradella Sistemi makes this happen.

Our company started imagining technologies for smart cities and smart lands in 2015, when not many people really believed in them yet, and today we can count on a network of 1,500 investors. Many of them are partners in the creation of innovative solutions for smart cities and sustainable mobility.
"When a challenge is complex many stop, but if you go ahead, you make all the difference"
From 2020 to today, Pradella Sistemi has launched three equity crowdfunding campaigns and two lending crowdfunding campaigns on the WeAreStarting platform, i.e., bottom-up financing operations which have always concluded with success. Today Pradella Sistemi can count on a network of 1,500 private investors who share the company project and 50 main sponsor.

The funds were used for the development of the sales and production departments which then made it possible to start an industrialization process of the company with the goal to improve efficiency and consolidation.