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Are you an entrepreneur or a mobility manager conscious of environmental sustainability and electric mobility?

Design of charging stations for companies

Design of charging stations for companies, photovoltaic charging racks for electric vehicles, AED columns with integrated remote control: Pradella Sistemi creates turnkey projects for companies.

With our projects we promote new ways of travelling from home to work as well as cardioprotection safety within the company. We support the mobility manager in designing and providing company employees with alternative solutions to using their own cars for the work-home journey. Encouraging, with concrete proposals, workers to move towards a lighter mobility.
We also help companies invest in workplace safety, thanks to our cardioprotection products. A company that invests in the safety of its workplace is a company that pays attention to the health of its employees. Without forgetting that thanks to these workplace safety initiatives, if certified, the company is entitled to reductions on Inail costs.
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