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Pradella Sistemi designs and manufactures technologies at the service of the community.

Electric charging stations for municipalities

Progettiamo, realizziamo e ci occupiamo della manutenzione di stazioni di ricarica elettriche per comuni e colonnine DAE con un sistema di telecontrollo integrato che le rende sempre efficienti e sicure.

We design, build and take care of the maintenance of electric charging stations for municipalities and AED columns with an integrated remote-control system that always makes them efficient and safe. We interact as the only interlocutor for public administrations that intends to invest in sustainability and innovation. We help them optimize the management of public funds available in their area, for urban redevelopment, mobility and innovation projects in the smart land and smart cities sectors.
We deliver "turnkey" solutions, which allow us to respond to the current needs of an evolving world. In fact, Pradella Sistemi's proposals integrate various services into unique and compact solutions: recharging of light electric vehicles, public cardio protection systems and environmental data collection.
Our company is part of the E015 digital ecosystem of the Lombardy Region which favors the creation of relationships between various subjects, public and private, in order to enhance or share one's digital heritage.
Questo ci ha permesso nel tempo di diventare fornitore affidabile per la pubblica amministrazione anche in fase attiva di raccolta dati ambientali.
This has allowed us over time to become a reliable supplier for the public administration even in the active phase of environmental data collection. Working with public administration and therefore benefiting from public resources, we have deemed it ethical and necessary to create a short, controlled and made in Italy supply chain that allows us to reintroduce the revenues deriving from our activity into the territory, thus enhancing the local related industries.
In 2023, moreover, Pradella Sistemi was the subject of a loan from Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, a state financial institution which has the aim of economically promoting the development of the Country System, in particular of industry 4.0 and start-ups. We therefore work “with the state” and not just “for the state”.
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