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Design of electric recharging

Design of electric recharging and technological islands: innovation and advanced technology for the development of smart cities, in order to guarantee maximum efficiency, an integrated remote-control system has been developed for electric mobility and defibrillator display cases.

Why Pradella
We are constantly evolving, attentive and receptive to the changes that characterize solutions for smart lands and smart cities, at the center of a network of companies committed to sustainability. Now able to design and take care of the maintenance of our solutions for electric recharging, we can count on a remote-control service for our installations that guarantee their operation and full functionality. We can help you find financing. In particular, we address:
Energy and mobility managers looking for solutions to bring innovation to corporate mobility but also urban redevelopment design studios that want to integrate their projects with innovative solutions in the field of mobility and sustainability.
The development of environmentally friendly and affordable e-bike cycling tourism is particularly close to our hearts and we are looking for partners in the promotion of cycling tourism. We not only provide charging points for e-bikes but also services such as cardio protection.
We become part of a structural project by providing our services in connection with other companies to give a complete product to municipal administrations and territorial bodies in partnership with other companies.
We work to create intermodal networks capable of facilitating travel through public and sustainable transport networks.
We offer shopping malls, amusement parks and fairs various services for uploading and downloading information via QR code.
Continuous innovation
The research and development area remains the heart of our business: we currently have 8 patents, some of which are international, but we continue to invest time and energy to develop products that meet the needs of communities and companies, in close collaboration with technical institutes and universities, and in partnership with companies specialized in the photovoltaic, mechanical and safety sectors.
Pradella Sistemi has developed an integrated remote-control system within its products to always guarantee correct operation, which is essential both for the charging network of electric mobility and even more so for the delicate defibrillator system.

In projects where the Pila is installed, it is possible to:
  • Monitor the efficiency of life-saving devices in real time and record any anomalies relating to environmental data such as temperature and humidity inside and outside the defibrillator case, along with recording the power consumed by each recharging point.
  • We can manage and control our devices, thanks to the bidirectional connection, by sending commands to activate or inhibit alarms (for scheduled maintenance), fans and I/OT contacts
The remote control mainly serves to monitor the environmental data relating to temperature and humidity in the defibrillator case; just think that after a significant deviation from the range values, the AED goes into self-protection and stops working. The remote control, for example, allows you to analyze the sudden rise in temperature and activate cooling by extracting hot air before it's too late.
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