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Photovoltaic canopy with powered rack for charging electric vehicles

EBK-PF photovoltaic shelter

Designed to charge electric vehicles thanks to photovoltaic energy and equipped with a bike rack.

To enclose all our technologies in a single product, we have designed and built eBK-PF, a photovoltaic canopy with rack for charging electric vehicles, using the energy produced by cantilevered photovoltaic crystals. A photovoltaic canopy equipped with:
  • 4 structural photovoltaic crystals capable of producing up to 1kW;
  • Modular and high efficiency lithium-ion battery storage system, starting with 4kWh of storage capacity;
  • 10 simultaneous charging stations with cable attachments from the main e-Bike brands (Bosch, Brose, Shimano and Yamaha);
  • Possibility of combining our Pila and/or Tecatech products, Wall Box for scooters and/or electric cars with the shelter (for EVs, connection to the electricity grid is required).
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