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Pila 6 is the latest model created by Pradella Sistemi.

Pila 6 AED charging column

Pila 6 AED charging column designed to be powered by photovoltaics, integrated remote control and security cameras.

It is a compact version to be installed on the wall, whether linear or corner, designed to adapt to both indoor and outdoor environments.
Given its compact size, it is suitable for installations where space is at a premium, such as shelters and means of transport. Prepared to be powered also by photovoltaic and wind power. It is equipped with:
  • 4 USB sockets (2 with Quick Charge 3.0 technology and 2 with Type C connection);
  • Heated and ventilated case for defibrillators with patented tear-off opening system;
  • Integrated remote control. It can be equipped with different additional technologies:
  • Security camera;
  • IoT sensors (air quality, accelerometers, pressure, temperature and humidity sensors, proximity sensors).
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